Friday Favorites

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To get me into the swing of posting regularly, I think I'm going to start doing my "Friday Favorites" each week.  I have done one favorites entry previously, but I'd like to make it a regular occurrence around here.

In the spirit of the holiday season, this week's favorites are all going to be stocking stuffers!  Today, these are all going to be from Etsy, but in the future I will switch things up a bit!

1. Pure Mint Vegan Lip Balm from LaConchitaNaturals ($3.99)
2. Lego Brick Crayons - Set of 5 from GaddyNipperCrayons ($2.50)
3. Metropolitan Tapestry Business Card Holder from sweetsophistication ($12.00)
4. 20 Hand Cup Upcycled Guitar Picks from CattitudeCreations ($6.00)

1. Whipped Soaps - 4 two ounce whips from FairyBubbles ($14.00)
2. Makeup Brush Roll Organizer from asoftblackstar ($16.99)
3. Hand Knit iPod/iPhone Case from onaroll ($16.00)
4. Sterling Silver Family Necklace from StephieMC ($40.00)*

All photos are copyright their respective shop owners, please have courtesy.

(*I actually want one of these myself quite badly!)

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