Valentine's Day

on January 17, 2010. Filed under: , , , , , ,
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I love Valentine's Day!  L - O - V - E !  Ever since I was a little girl and my mom would give us one of those cute little heart shaped boxes of chocolates with our favorite cartoon character on the front.  Even into high school when I would sit in homeroom while the "candy grams" or hot pink artificially dyed carnations were being delivered, anxiously anticipating mine and trying to guess who would send one to me.  My husband accepts this as one of my little quirks and he always tries his best to make Valentine's Day fun and special.  A few years ago he gave me a beautiful white gold and diamond heart shaped necklace and I've worn it darn near everyday since then, very rarely taking it off, because I love it so much.  Last year was our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife.  Although we didn't celebrate on the actual holiday, he gave me home a velvet box of chocolates, had flowers delivered to me and gave me a handmade card.  The next weekend, he took me out to a delicious dinner at our favorite tiny little authentic Italian place.  He's a keeper and this is one of the many reasons why I'm so in love with him.

Since I love this holiday so much, I (of course) had to start early working on designs for cards to put in the Etsy shop.  Valentine's Day is one of the very few days of the year you can get away with going overboard on all of the obnoxious and sickeningly sweet shades of pink.  And trust me...I do!  Here are a few of the designs I currently have for sale.  For more, be sure to check out my Etsy shop!