Mocha & Sage Damask

on June 25, 2009.

Last night we listed our "Mocha and Sage Damask Custom Wedding Invitation Suite". Boy is that a mouthful. I think this is one of our favorite designs. I truly enjoyed making this one and I said to the husband, "Husband, next time we get married, our colors are going to be brown and green and we are totally having this invite". Husband just groaned, as he does every time I tell him "next time we get married". Which I tell him frequently.

Here she is.

2 Responses to Mocha & Sage Damask

  1. Carolyn

    HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your work is so sophisticated and beautiful! I hope your biz is going well. Things have been slow for me, but I work hard and know it will eventually turn around!
    Keep in touch!

  2. Ramblin Mama

    Thanks for following. Pretty damask style but, personally, I'm hoping to never need to "get married again." We couldn't top the original event!!

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